Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Eleven (Draft III)

In deep soul he sees the chalice of Flame,
With eleven feathers like rays of fire rising
From hidden heart to wide mysterious dawn.
A many-planed light revealing the worlds,
An integral gnosis, an infinite bliss,
The Flame where God is the knower and the known -
He sees the lucent Rulers of its rays,
Transfigured beings who are the Flame.

Seer-Poet of visioned ecstasy,
Master singer of eleven-hued Flame,
Divine speech in the guise of earthly tongues
Revealing the hidden infinities :
Epic echoes of high and flaming planes,
Sweet melodies of the winds of dream,
The pastoral musings of distant stars,
A sonorous drumming of a divine beat,
Evoking the deep unheard soul of things,
The music unfolding the hierarchies
Of the Gods of Truth and Power and Love,
A sacred singing of wondrous Ecstasy.
A Silence listening to the voice of Truth,
A seer of planes high, rhythmical and supreme,
Bright-flaming, wide and pure and still,
a moonlit lake shining with silent ecstasy.

A yellow-white occult Sun surged as
creation and destruction stood nude
in their lightning and miraculous modes.
Here was divine chemistry and the Art,
a mad pell-mell fusion and fission of
The hidden flames of spirit, mind and life.
A Knowledge - immortal, blissful, luminous -
Of the play of the layered universes,
The correlating harmonies of their laws,
their formulaic potencies and the master Words—
the divine Faces of Creation's apex
guiding the interlocking dance of one
same exuberant Consciousness.
A storm rage of compelling soul rhythms,
A song wondrous and wild, yet a movement
encircled and bound by Truth's fire ring.
Soul in its outbursts of truth and power,
Architectonic flames of divine bliss,
Soul-Will incarnated as potent chants,
the songs and insane magic of the Word.
He is the King-Shaman of the flaming skies,
Walker of the planes, mystic seer and Mage,
He who raised human speech to lightning wielded
By inner heart over infinite worlds -
the womb and bearer of the Atlantean gift.

Divine gardener, luminous Friend of life,
One spirit and dream with the plants of the earth,
Silent, humble, tranquil and compassionate.
Knower of the breath moving through trees and shrubs,
Seer of the souls of flowers  and sweet herbs,
Love who nourishes, radiates and cares,
Channel of the forces uplifting nature,
Seer of light who makes the earth fertile,
Gentle power inspiring the souls of things.
His art inspires that hidden in seed:
Rich nourishing grains, medicinal herbs,
Aromatic spices, and trees fragrant and strong,
flowers' radiant lights and sweet perfumes
Revealing the marvellous soul of the world.
Tranquil joy looking deep into Nature's eyes,
A wisdom of sun and water, earth and wind,
An artist of nature's glorious harmonies, 
A seer of life's radiant play with death,
A Knower of its miraculous destinies -
Harmoniser between man and nature,
He is the Lover one with nature's heart.

He sees, in an electric white-blue radiance,
an ancient figure, calm and wide-visioned,
Armed with the sovereign and seeing might of Mind :
A high force of an illimitable Plane,
A luminous driver of massive energies,
A grasp of power, a compelling force of truth,
A sceptre of Thought commanding the cosmos,
Empowering man to seize the springs of nature.
He wears the royal robe of transcendent mind.
He is the lightning charioted Thought of science,
A knowledge sea of algorithmic genius,
A seer of the laws governing the planes:
The whirling dance of matter's phantom sparks,
The evolution and flame patterns of life,
The luminous powers and seas of cosmic mind.
His Light one with the cosmic rhythms
a sight rotating equations multifarious
In a flaming bliss of sight and lucid joy.
High and austere, a fire of askesis
A sovereign and disciplined will of vision,
A creative net of lightning born from Above,
Meticulous in grand conception,
Mad in its waves and flames of ideas whirling,
careful in inventive construction,
A wild fission and fusion of forces,
He is the radiant creator of the Supreme.

Number's potencies and universal laws,
The multifarious properties of line and plane,
Logic-forged architecture revealed in light,
A view of the inevitable relations,
Blissfully clear in the pure white sight
Of the grandmaster of divine theorems,
the king of arcane austerity.
One with the occult mathematical Mind,
That greater reality, world architect,
The conductor of the music of the spheres,
The flame net Spirit of shining beauty,
The formative potencies unifying quantity and quality,
Where number and figure are the keys to all.
Around he sees the metered play of chance,
The ordered rhythms of chaos' dance,
The high seer lines and planes of vivid truth,
The symbol songs of luminous number,
The ineffable play of infinitudes,
The symphonies of truth bathed in Logic's flame.
He peers into problems insoluble,
His concentration absolute, invincible -
His lightning unravelling their hidden knots,
His royal precise touch, infallible.

Ocean white wisdom, mountainous and still,
Son of Knowledge, the  elder philosopher and
Mighty one who sails the seas of thought
Capturing myriad Ideas in nets of knowing,
flame nets of ordered truth spanning infinity.
A glance that catches a universe of thought,
a bliss and flame of ideal vision,
Clear sight which reigns in lucent meditation,
He is the tower of white fire and far sight.
He sees the Knowledge and its inner flame,M
He probes the high mysteries of the Good,
Imbibe the marvels of the Beautiful,
Climbs the flaming peaks of the Truth.
His thoughts echoing in the fields of sleep,
King seer of highest Self and Being,
The aloof immortal silence of the One,
Withdrawn in omniscient sleep above time,
The eternal, unmoving base of the Dance.
Knower of the transcendence beyond
Still and silent concentration's Fire,
Unveiling the omnipotence and being,
The sleeping Joy behind the whirling worlds,
A universe of starless ecstasy.
He is the philosopher seer who incarnates
highest Truths in webs of intricate thought.
Mighty gaze unifying a million theories,
He puts the All in one, the One in all.

Beauty and harmony, noble uplifted,
Royal and high, a craftswoman's eyes,
a queen of beauty and strong high tower of dream,
careful for harmony, perfect proportions,
Exact, meticulous, painstaking,
Enduring and focused, toiling for utmost
Perfection, a light flaming out a precious pearl.
A spirit fiery, filled with infinite passion,
Unerring perception and deep patience,
Seer of the beautiful soul behind form.
A fiery crystal vision of the innermost,
Incarnate in luminous forms of stone,
Soaring and majestic, high and massive,
Or small, fine cut, elegant sculpted songs.
Or she brings forth the hidden soul of beauty
In divine brush of color and line,
In flowing robes lustrous with inner flame,
In music's rippling seas and colored waves,
And rhythmic inevitable dances,
In crafts of exquisite eternal beauty,
A bliss, a weave, a beautiful face of
Her aspiration to universal Joy.
She sings her symphonies of Ananda,
Her sacrifice to universal beauty.
She is the supreme artist who brings down the Flame.

An ocean compassion aflame with grace,
A high priest fire, adoration's ecstasy,
An old man with deep eyes, star-fire soul.
Love that broods over all pain, a solace that knows,
An evening flute for the lonely heart,
A luminous bliss in the heart of pain,
A flood of sweetness over desert dryness,
a fire warm and pure like the hearth of home.
The firm clasp of lovers made wholly one,
The shining light of stars on Nature's face,
The warm glow of a child on motherly lap,
The kingly smile of beauty on a far Face,
The giving of self for Self in Truth's flame,
The high rising adoration fire leaping -
He opens the temple door to deepest Mystery,
He is the face of the King of Peace.
Ancient father and soul and king,
Nourishing touch and Truth force, kind and deep,
Wide grace and sweeping beneficence,
A mother's love and comfort and sweet care,
The kindness and grace of the heart of the Flame.

A massive warrior armoured in white strength,
A mass of force and heavenly courage,
A calm lion flame majestic and puissant,
He stood, a soldier of the divine law.
His heart fiery and immense and a sun,
rising in sacrifice to temple heights,
He is righteous discipline and calm control,
He obeys the Eternal's high command,
He flames with the joy of the straight and the true.
Mentor of generals, infallible strategist,
Spirit of vast war wisdom, subtle, deep,
A king wide luminous  Seer of warrior fire,
Knower of the profound rhythms of the worlds,
Staff upraised and aflame with Truth's glory,
He enlists the elements in his cause,
He  chants Titan- winged hymns that shatters the dark,
Lights a resurrection fire in death's cave,
Raises a Force transforming perverse pain,
And slays the angels of falsehood with Truth's flame.
A wall high rising around chosen souls,
A righteousness defending immortal Light,
An adamantine fortress unassailable,
huge power and subtle skill guarding Truth's home,
He is the primal Guardian of the Flame.

An heart deep and one with the mystery of Law,
A Force with fierce cleaving wings of clean light
Queen of wisdom and clear eyed justice,
A Woman flaming with the golden force.
One with the Truth that governs the cosmos,
Arranging all by Reality's ideas,
She embodies Maat, the divine Law,
The Force that brings forth the inevitable,
The Power that gives form to hidden truths.
A woman of illumined might and lightning fire,
She hews open the straight and direct path,
She lights the aspiration to the highest,
She obeys the will of evolution,
She embraces the mission of the Gods,
She toils for the divine manifestation.
An adept of the great work, selfless, surrendered,
A priestess of the great sacrifice,
the one who lights the mystic Flame of God,
The one who endures the toil and the ordeal,
The worker hard and deep fraught in pain,
Offering her all through the alchemic flame
Forging the divine Art and Revelation through
the hammer beats of the universe.