Tuesday, April 29, 2008


En-caged in thought-woven bars of invisible steel
En-caged, barred, from deep fire
Embracing the lower way—the lower way.
Feeling the lawful pain of chained human
For love, hug
humiliation daily, daily,
With Humanity stone-chained to pain,
Loneliness—till all, even I,
Believe the riddle of one’s being in plain sight.
Till all, even I, see
An imprisoned dream set free.

Confusion, pride, tendrils
Of despairing need—invasions, lonely wars of lonely nights
Lighted by warrior swans of might,
Behind, always behind,
The Tower endures
Soaring forlorn towards desert skies.

I dreamt the
Temple Fire has come down. That I have touched the valley’s floor.
That the Rain falls and the white flower
Blooms eleven-hued in new spring.

Go down, go down.
Even if the loss of all be the price.
Old Adam’s son,
Grey and feeble,
Star-fire dimmed, staff entombed,
Robe fouled--
Shatterness inviting scorn.

I await battle, with
staff's shadow planted in grey ground.