Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Eleven (Draft 1)

In deep soul he sees the chalice of Flame
With eleven feathers like rays of fire rising
From hidden heart to wide mysterious dawn.
A many-planed light revealing the worlds,
An integral gnosis, an infinite bliss -
He sees the lucent Rulers of its rays,
Transfigured beings who are the Flame.

Seer-Poet of visioned ecstasy,
Master singer of eleven-hued Flame,
Divine speech in the guise of earthly tongues
Revealing the hidden infinities :
Epic echoes of high and flaming planes,
Sweet melodies of the lyrics of dream,
The pastoral musings of distant stars,
A sonorous drumming of a divine beat,
Evoking the deep unheard soul of things,
The music unfolding the hierarchies
Of the Gods of Truth and Power and Love,
A sacred singing of wondrous Ecstasy.
A Silence listening to the voice of Truth,
A seer of planes high, rhythmical and supreme,
Bright-flaming, wide and pure and still,
a moonlit lake shining with silent ecstasy.

A yellow-white occult Sun surges as
creation and destruction stand nude
in their lightning and miraculous modes.
Here is divine chemistry and the Art,
a mad pell-mell fusion and fission of
The hidden flames of spirit, mind and life.
A Knowledge - immortal, blissful, luminous -
Of the play of the layered universes,
The correlating harmonies of their laws,
their formulaic potencies and master Words—
the divine Faces of Creation's apex
guiding the interlocking dance of one
same exuberant Consciousness.
A storm rage of compelling soul rhythms,
A song wondrous and wild, yet a movement
encircled and bound by Truth's fire ring.
Soul in its outbursts of truth and power,
Architectonic flames of divine bliss,
Soul-Will incarnated as potent chants,
the songs and insane magic of the Word.
He is the King-Shaman of the flaming skies,
Walker of the planes, mystic seer and Mage,
He who raised human speech to lightning wielded
By inner heart over infinite worlds -
the womb and bearer of the Atlantean gift.

Divine gardener, luminous Friend of life,
One spirit and dream with the plants of the earth,
Silent, humble, tranquil and compassionate.
Knower of the breath moving through trees and shrubs,
Seer of the souls of flowers and sweet herbs,
Love who nourishes, radiates and cares,
Channel of the forces uplifting nature,
Seer of light who makes the earth fertile,
Gentle power inspiring the souls of things.
His art inspires that hidden in seed:
Rich nourishing grains, medicinal herbs,
Aromatic spices, and trees fragrant and strong,
flowers' radiant lights and sweet perfumes
Revealing the marvellous soul of the world.
Tranquil joy looking deep into Nature's eyes,
A wisdom of sun and water, earth and wind,
An artist of nature's glorious harmonies,
A seer of life's radiant play with death,
A Knower of its miraculous destinies -
Harmoniser between man and nature,
He is the Lover one with nature's heart.