Thursday, February 01, 2007

Advent Star

A poem with an Atlantean theme

Advent Star

Ten thousand year vigil of
Lone heart-winds and hidden dawns singing
in remnant stars of childhood dream.

Precocious glory, primeval gift,
Shining white and seven hued
Fire of high flaming seas,
Rain of peace and ancient descent,
Relic Light of ages closed by tempest seas.
Long have you waited for a
New crowned ancient Truth to shine
Once more.

Advent Star,
Rise high. The season is come
The forgotten promise fulfilled.
Dark tides, ancient enemies
swarming rise,
But the Word flames in
Sweeping Wind.

The shackle is broken
The bond cast aside
The Blood is shed, and
The gift ever new is renewed.
The Seas once closed release old
Power that this time comes with
Redeeming Love.

Fortunate agony of ten thousand years
that birth
A new Light of seven rays.